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Your solution for fulfillment of freshly cooked, dry and frozen products
Pack Fresh simplifies the distribution process for brands with our comprehensive network to reach consumers on shelves and at their home. Our experienced team and streamlined processes ensure we get you on shelves and take care of everything from storage to replenishment to training.
3 Ways we improve your fulfillment process

Experience the Benefits of Pack Fresh

  • Frozen to Dry Storage Solutions: Pack Fresh provides safe and efficient storage for your products, with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal temperature and humidity levels
  • Distribution Experts: Streamline your distribution process with Pack Fresh taking care of everything from pick and pack to shipping to customers or retailers.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Pack Fresh helps you maximize your supply chain efficiency,  to ensure your products stay replenished on shelves and reaches your consumers.
4 ways we provide reliable results

Transparent Storage and Distribution

  • Last Mile Delivery: Pack Fresh offers last mile transportation services to ensure your products stay fresh during transit.
  • Customizable Solutions: Pack Fresh provides customized solutions to meet the specific needs distribution goals, from storage to transportation to distribution.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Reporting: Pack Fresh offers 24/7 monitoring and reporting, giving you real-time visibility into the status of your products and supply chain.
  • Trained and Experienced Team: Pack Fresh's team of experts is trained and experienced in all aspects of the cold chain, ensuring your products are handled with care and expertise.

🚀 Fast, simple set-up

No complex software or integration needed. Send us your requirements from kitting to storage and get onboarded in less than 24 hours.

🤝 Your new Operations team

Let us know your distribution, fulfillment and logistics targets. From lowering shipping error rates to optimizing costs, we act as a proactive partner in helping you achieve your distribution goals.

🌎 Reach more customers

With frozen, cold and ambient fulfillment centres we make it easy to scale your distribution across Canada to reach retailers and consumers anytime!
Transform Your Supply Chain with Pack Fresh
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