Unlocking Black Friday 2023 in Canada: Strategies for DTC Brands

November 1, 2023

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Brands in Canada, it's time to gear up for one of the most significant shopping events of the year: Black Friday. This day is not just a shopping frenzy; it's an opportunity to boost sales, engage customers, and make a lasting impact. Here's everything Canadian retail brands need to know about Black Friday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the United States, marking the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. It's characterized by massive sales, exclusive deals, and shopping excitement that often leads to record-breaking revenue for retailers.

Why Canadian Retail Brands Should Care

Canadian Retail Brands must seize the Black Friday opportunity to boost sales, engage customers, and gain a competitive edge. By offering exclusive deals and creating memorable shopping experiences, they can attract new customers and enhance loyalty. Embracing Black Friday not only sets a brand apart but also positions it as a leading player in the market.

  1. Increased Sales: Black Friday is synonymous with shopping, and consumers are on the lookout for deals and discounts. It's a golden opportunity for Canadian DTC brands to boost sales.
  2. Customer Engagement: Offering special Black Friday deals can enhance customer loyalty and attract new customers.
  3. Competitive Edge: Participating in Black Friday helps Canadian brands stay competitive, especially with international brands also offering deals.

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Stats About Black Friday Sales in Canada

Black Friday in Canada has seen a remarkable increase in sales, with online shopping growing by nearly 20% in recent years. With 65% of Canadians preferring Black Friday over Cyber Monday, it's a crucial day for retail brands. These statistics emphasize the need for Canadian DTC brands to optimize their strategies, both online and offline, to capture this significant market share.

  • In recent years, Black Friday has seen a consistent growth in sales in Canada.
  • Many Canadians prefer shopping on Black Friday over Cyber Monday, making it a crucial day for retail brands.
  • The trend of online shopping during Black Friday has been on the rise, especially during the pandemic.

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Black Friday Trends from 2022

In 2022, online shopping accounted for over 40% of total Black Friday sales, and many retailers extended deals up to two weeks before the actual day. Additionally, a survey showed that 30% of consumers focused on supporting local and Canadian brands. These trends highlight the evolving shopping landscape and the opportunities for Canadian DTC brands to leverage online platforms and local appeal to enhance their Black Friday success.

  1. Online Shopping Surge: In 2022, online shopping continued to dominate, with many consumers opting for the convenience of e-commerce.
  2. Early Deals: Many retailers started offering Black Friday deals well before the actual day, extending the shopping season.
  3. Emphasis on Local Shopping: There was a noticeable trend of consumers supporting local and Canadian brands during Black Friday 2022.

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Black Friday is more than a one-day event; it's a strategic opportunity for Canadian DTC brands to shine. Understanding the trends, consumer behaviour, and the potential impact on sales can help brands plan effectively and make the most of this shopping extravaganza.

Whether you're a seasoned Black Friday participant or considering joining the fray for the first time, the insights and opportunities are there for the taking. Embrace Black Friday, align your strategies with consumer expectations, and watch your Canadian retail brand thrive.

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